Bride’s Father Died Months Before Her Wedding & Her Brother’s Surprise Will Bring You To Tears

Every wedding day is very special to the bride. As well, it’s very special and moving to the bride’s parents. But, not everyone is lucky to spend their wedding day with both of their parents. As American wedding traditions often go, the bride usually shares a “Father/Daughter dance” with her father. But, unfortunately, not every bride is lucky enough to have a father alive and well to dance with.

My own father will not be here for my own wedding day and, honestly, thinking about him missing that important moment in my life brings tears to my eyes – as it would any daughter who loses her father young.

Andrea was already engaged to be married when her father lost his battle to cancer and passed just months before her wedding day. Of course, it was a tragic and painful moment in her life. The two had already planned to dance to “Butterfly Kisses,” at her wedding, but now, he would no longer be there on her very special day.

While no one can understand the pain of losing your parent, your siblings feel a very similar sense of loss in their own lives. Andrea’s brother knew how important it was to her to have their father there on her wedding day and, although he would not be there, her brother decided to do something really special to make the father/daughter dance memorable.

Her brother recorded an original version of “Butterfly Kisses,” and played it as Andrea danced with her now father-in-law. Not one eye was dry in that entire room – and, if you have a heart, this will most definitely bring tears to your eyes.

Absolutely beautiful.