New Video Leaks Of YouTube Star Jake Paul Using A Racial Slur In A Horrible Freestyle Rap

How the video was leaked.

The story behind how the video was leaked seems to be a bit of a mystery also. Jeff Cyrus, who is better known by his YouTube name J. Cyrus is a 30-year-old YouTuber who is an “influencer” just like the Paul brothers. He claims he is the original owner of the leaked video but says he wasn’t the one to leak it. Cyrus was at an event in 2015 with “children influencers” when he recorded the video of Jake using the racial slurs. Cyrus says he overheard Paul using the N-word 7 times before he decided to start filming the sad attempt at a freestyle.

“I thought ‘no one’s going to believe me, this kid is using the word so gratuitously. I didn’t think anything of [the video]. It sat on my phone. I just didn’t delete it.”

Cyrus decided to send the video to a few friends and well, you know how that always works out. He believes that the timing of the video leak is due to the heat Jake’s brother Logan is taking. Whoever released the video decided to capitalize on the most recent Paul brother scandal.

A long year ahead of the Pauls

These two have built an unbelievable following on social media and that’s no doubt impressive. Hopefully, Jake’s claims of his own maturing are true. Either way, these two really have to start thinking about their actions and the implications they have in the real world. Especially with their target demographic being children and teenagers. The amount of impact these two have on young people in insanely impressive. They really need to take a step back and reevaluate how they’re going to use it going forward. A lot of young people them look up to these guys, I mean they literally call themselves “influencers”. Maybe not the best influences for kids at the moment but hey the years early, let’s see if they can straighten out their act. I really hope they do. At the very least maybe no more exploiting suicide victims or dropping racial slurs, alright? Thanks!