New Video Leaks Of YouTube Star Jake Paul Using A Racial Slur In A Horrible Freestyle Rap

So 2018 is not off to a great start for the famous YouTube brothers Jake and Logan Paul. Recently Logan decided to upload a video of a dead body when he was in Japan. He went to the “suicide forest” and ended up coming across someone who recently committed suicide. He uploaded the video to YouTube for millions to see before taking it down. Now his brother Jake Paul is under fire from a video emerging of him attempting an awful freestyle supposedly from 2015 during Coachella weekend. In the freestyle, Jake is heard dropping the N-word in between his cringe-worthy attempts at rhymes. The video below is of Jake’s horrendous freestyle and fair warning you may find it offensive. The racial slurs as well as the performance in its entirety.

Now the Disney Channel star claims he is by no means a racist and has done a lot of maturing since this video was taken in 2015. I’m not sure anyone is buying the maturing thing if you pay any attention to Jake’s wild shenanigans. There’s no question he’s one of the most successful YouTube stars out there but it’s also no secret his antics rub a ton of people the wrong way. It’s gotten to the point where #JakePaulIsOverParty is starting to become a trend on Twitter in hopes people will stop supporting Jake Paul entirely. All this is coming after Jake Paul was released by Disney in July after Paul had reportedly terrorized his entire neighborhood and turned it into “a war zone”.