5-Year-Old Dancing At Coachella Is The Internet’s New Obsession

Seriously, I can’t even dab like that.

It’s officially festival season now that Coachella has kicked off in the sandy deserts of California and everyone who is anyone has pulled out their boho-best to take part in the sunshine and happiness. While music festivals are usually associated with some pretty heavy things – like drugs, alcohol and free love all around – there are those brief moments in time where people are open-minded enough to embrace festivals for what they truly are – a celebration of music.

No one knows this truth more than this 5-year-old who apparently has the coolest parents in the entire world. I mean, my father took me to Bethel Woods of Woodstock when I was in diapers and although it wasn’t for the first festival – it did shape the way I looked at music for the rest of my life.

While Drake was performing on the Southern California stage, this little guy was high up on his dad’s shoulders dancing like his life depended on it – and we seriously can’t get enough.

Honestly – I wish he was older so I could take him out on a date. How adorable is he?!?

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