20+ Hilarious Parenting Hacks That Are Actually Pretty Useful

Parenting is a job within itself that can become overwhelming and stressful 99.9% of the time.

Any way that you can make your job as a parent easier, it’s a blessing in disguise. Luckily, other parents on Twitter share their hacks to help tell their kids apart, raise their kids, or shlep them around town. Bless up, Internet parents, we salute you.

22. This mom who got her kids to do chores by being on their favorite TV show.

21. This easy way to serve snacks to your kid–mess free.

20. This genius way for moms to push both their kids on the swings at one time.

19. This mom who came up with a way to cool down her kid’s corndogs in the car.


18. This mom who came up with a plan to make her kids “think” they’re playing video games.


17. This brilliant mom who got her daughter to vacuum.

16. This mom who made sure her kids clean the kitchen every single day.

15. This dad who found a way to get everything done without any kid-interruptions.

14. This mom who used a wine-opener to open her kid’s milk.

13. These parents who couldn’t tell their twins apart so made a useful system.

12. This mom who made sure her kid would take a bath by scarring her for life.