20+ Hilarious Parenting Hacks That Are Actually Pretty Useful

11. This genius way to get yourself a free massage.

10. This dad who found a way to get his “alone time.”

9. This mom who made her baby into a human duster.


8. This dad who found the best way to give his son a Capri-Sun when they ran out.

No Capri Suns left but your 3 year old is screaming for one? Keep the kids out of the kitchen and fill the last one back up! #DadOfTheYear #ParentingHack

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7. This dad who found the perfect way to remain hands-free and occupy his baby.


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6. This mom who tricked her kids in the best way possible.

5. This couple who used their college experiences for the better.

4. This mom who found the best way to tell if her son is lying.

3. This dad who can perfectly find out which son made a mess of the bathroom.

2. This dad who found a way to nap his kid and eat all at the same time.

1. This mom who made sure her kids will never chase Mr. Softee or ask for money.