20+ People Share The Most Embarrassing Encounters They’ve Ever Had With A Celebrity

We all have dreams of running into our favorite celebrities in the real world.

Some of us envision what we would say if we were so lucky to ever see our favorite names–like, myself, who has a carefully thought out script in my head if I ever so happen to run into Jon Stewart, ever in my lifetime. But, sometimes, when we do meet celebs in real life, we become clammy and awkward–and embarrass ourselves. BuzzFeed asked their users to share their most embarrassing celebrity encounter and boy, did they deliver.


I ran into Jarule at a breakfast buffet in a 4 Seasons somewhere in Hawaii. As he so generously offered to scoop pineapples on my plate….. My mom creeps up behind us an screams “WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT YOOOOUUUUUUU?!” Note: I’m not talking Jarule now…… I’m talking about Jarule circa 2001. Yeah…. That happened! SMDH



I once met Milo Ventamelia and got hot pink lipstick on his white shirt during a meet and greet.



My fiancé works at a comedy club, so we go to a LOT of shows and I’ve met several pretty famous comedians. They are always super down to earth and friendly, and usually in a meet and greet I’m a normal human who thanks them for coming out and goes about my evening. However, a couple months ago, Dave Chappelle came to town unexpectedly. Obviously he would be swamped if he tried to do a meet and greet, so I didn’t think I’d get an opportunity to talk to him. After the show, I went back in the showroom to say hi to my fiancé before heading home, and on the way out I found myself accidentally face to face with Chappelle. I was so surprised and excited that I just screamed “DAAAAAVE!!!!” and gave him the most awkward half grab handshake of all time. He was so gracious and nice even when I continued to babble about how awesome his show was (seriously said awesome at least four times), but it was pretty embarrassing how star struck I was.



I got to meet some old Disney channel stars, and while my friend and I were waiting in line, we saw people taking pictures with someone. We went up to her, and then asked if she was Selena Gomez. She very kindly said “no, but I’m good friends with her.” It was Demi Lovato in her pre-goddess star years.



One time I was driving on the freeway and a really nice Range Rover came up next to me. I have this thing where it there is a nice car I like to see who is driving. Well any way, it turned out to be Tré Cool from Green Day. I got very excited and came up next to him and smiled and waved. He actually saw me and waved back!! In my excitement I guess I forgot I was driving a car and I started swerving and I almost sideswiped him. Luckily I got control of the car before I actually hit him. But he totally saw what happened and he laughed at me. ?



When I was about 8 years old, I did a fundraiser for special Olympics so I could run a 5k with THE Joe Jonas. I got so many donations that I got to meet him. At that point, I was star struck and when I actually met him all I did was stare at him. We ended up being on the news together and I remember he kept patting me on the head while I looked like a deer in the headlights. I went to go watch the news recording later and the information bar at the bottom of the screen blocked my face off Mike Wazoski-style.



Last summer, I somehow found myself attending the premiere of Despicable Me 3. When exiting the theatre after watching the movie, I accidentally bumped into Steve Carrell and stepped slightly onto his foot. I cried.



I angrily told Garth Brooks to get out of my way because he wouldn’t move forward in the line. I didn’t know it was him until he turned around.



About a year ago I met former VP Joe Biden. Here’s the interaction:
Me: Hi Joe!
JB: Honey, where’d you get those eyes?
Me: Uhhhhhhhhh my Dad!!!!!!
JB: Well you better thank him, honey, they’re beautiful
Me: *takes blurriest photo ever*