Popular YouTuber Logan Paul Put Up A Video Of A Dead Body And People Are Justly Furious

Over the weekend, Logan Paul decided to upload a video from Aokigahara which some people may know as “the suicide forest.” The video was titled “We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest…” and he wasn’t joking. Although it doesn’t seem to be an elaborate scheme for more publicity or views, you can never really rule it out. While the YouTube star walks through the forest with his posse, they stumble across an apparent body hanging from a tree. It’s honestly disturbing, but they came to the conclusion this happened very recently showing the person hanging with purple hands but the face blurred out. The video has since been removed but not before it amassed 6.3 million views in less than a day. The 6.3 million is nearly double his latest video, but using someone who just committed suicide to gain attention is beyond wrong.

The video left many people upset with Logan Paul and YouTube for numerous different reasons. The most obvious being why on earth would you exploit someones obvious pain and laugh throughout the video making a joke of it for some views on YouTube? There is a line between the internet and real life whether you believe it or not and somethings are better left not projected on a platform to be seen by millions. You know, like a person’s suicide.

It’s so sad to think about how this person must have felt to decide to take their life and now they’re being used for content, it’s twisted. The video was removed but here’s a video giving you some clips and a breakdown so you can get a better idea. Just a heads up there’s inappropriate language in the video, and it might be pretty disturbing for some people especially when you keep in mind Logan’s primary demographic is teenagers and kids.

Many people were quick to get on Twitter and express how disgusted and disappointing this video was. People couldn’t believe that he would upload such a disturbing video and think it’s a good idea. Highlighting another person’s depression and suicide for humor will never be alright. While Logan has some loud, obnoxious antics, people were shocked he would ever decide to upload the disrespectful video. For the most part, they find Logan Paul to be the smarter of the Paul brothers. Compared to his brother Jake he seems to be a more reasonable person, apparently not.

People are also infuriated with YouTube for letting this fly. For the most part, YouTube is pretty on top of keeping their content pretty clean. How is it possible that they let this video go up for a day on an account with over 15 million subscribers. Logan Paul is one of YouTube’s biggest money makers earning more than 12.5 million dollars last year thanks to YouTube. Other YouTuber’s are not happy there haven’t been any consequences for Logan Paul’s actions. I mean he did upload a video of a dead body on his YouTube channel.