People Admit Their Most Cringeworthy ‘Why The Hell Did I Just Say That?’ Moments


An ex was explaining she was self-conscious about and it was slightly odd, and I intended to say something reassuring and comforting. What I actually did was “That’s strange, of all the things you could be self conscious about” her face dropped and I realised immediately what I said and unsuccessfully tried to backtrack.


I work in a hospital. I was taking a patient for an X-ray. The patient was in a wheelchair.

Me; ‘I suck at steering these things, I’ll try not to drive you into a wall’

Patient had just spent six weeks in bed seriously injured after driving into a wall.


I once complimented a girl I know on her cute outfit and asked where she got it. She named a plus size store. For whatever stupid reason I replied, “Really? I need to gain a bunch of weight so I can shop there!” I immediately realized what I had said, and we looked at each other for a moment, looked away, and sat in uncomfortable silence for the rest of class because I’m a jerk.


About seven years ago, trying to find an. Original way to compliment my gf, now wife, Told her “You look good in nothing”

Fast forward an hour later.

“OH SHIT! No, I meant that you look good naked!”


Not me, but my husband.

He was out drinking with his friends, a girl comes up to him asking if he wants to dance. What he means to say is “I only dance when I’m drunk, and I’m still sober”, but what he actually said was “I’m not drunk enough to dance with you”.

I wasn’t even there and I can feel that poor girl’s self esteem drop every time he tells the story.