Women Reveal What It’s Truly Like To Kiss A Stranger On New Year’s Eve

Just because you are the single one at the bar on New Year’s Eve does not mean that you have to go without a kiss at midnight. Every single woman has contemplated coming onto a guy at one point or another. We all know technically, according to society’s rules; the guy is suppose to make the first move. Women also are aware that it is very un-ladylike to come onto a stranger according to society as well. However, all rules are off on New Year’s Eve. Who cares about regret, you have tomorrow to start fresh. Women share how they still managed to snag their kiss by pulling a fast one at a stranger at the bar. No one deserves to be lonely on New Year’s Eve, kiss a stranger!

Mary, 24

“I was desperate, drunk and lonely. I happened to be standing next to a guy, midnight came and I leaned in for a kiss.”

 Jen, 26

“I kissed a stranger on NYE and a year and a half later I ended up married to that same guy. I made the first move, I talked to him first, and it ended up being the best decision of my life.”

Hannah, 25

“It was 11PM on New Year’s Eve and I was in bed alone with Chinese food watching Sex and the City. My boyfriend and I had broken up less than two weeks before and the last thing I wanted to go was be surrounded by couples. My girlfriends were at a bar a few blocks away from my apartment and called begging for me to join them. They did a great job of convincing me to head out and I did. I made it into the bar at 11:45 to find my friends with a very attractive guy who happened to be interested in me. We talked and then yes, kissed. I was happy I left my bed.”

 Jenna, 22

“Way too many drinks in and midnight rolled around. I yelled in the bar “someone kiss me,” and next thing I know the dude standing next to me who was also very much alone looked at me. I grabbed his face and the rest is history.”

Cara, 24

“I kissed a random guy at a bar two years ago on New Year’s Eve. I was completely all over him, took the risk and then left in embarrassment. I had no idea what his name was until I ran into him at the grocery store about a month ago. He is now living in my apartment building with his girlfriend.”