Women Reveal What It’s Truly Like To Kiss A Stranger On New Year’s Eve

Meghan, 24

“I had spent NYE in Cancun last year. It was a wild trip my girlfriends and I decided to take and we were all single. It was our mission to meet a cute group of single guys and all have someone to kiss at midnight. Long story short, we could not find a group of single men. Everyone went there own way and I ended up kissing the bouncer of the club we were at on the way out.”

 Sofia, 23

“I grabbed the first guy I saw and was too drunk to care. We kisses and then he walked away. I was completely okay with it.”

 Riley, 24

“I almost got arrested for kissing a stranger. The stranger I went for happened to be a cop and after I kissed him he flashed his badge at me. This is not as attractive as it sounds. He told me that he could have me arrested for “kissing without consent” but because I was “cute” he let me go.”

Jenny, 24

“I couldn’t be the only single girl in my friend group on NYE yet again, so, At 11:58 I walked up to the first random guy all alone that I saw. By the time I finished introducing myself it was midnight and I leaned in to kiss him. He loved my strategy and we ended up hitting it off. We have been dating now for almost a year.”

Georgia, 24

“There was a unisex bathroom at the bar I was at. I ended up going to use it two minutes before midnight because I could care less about counting down to the New Year. It happened in the bathroom. A random guy looked at me and asked if he could kiss me. I agreed.”