Twitter Is Rooting For These Parents After Son Tweets Their ‘Getting Back Together’ After 7-Year Divorce

When your parents get divorced, it can be a difficult experience to go through. Many people feel as though it’s “their fault” for their parents splitting up, especially when they’re young. But, we all know that’s not true. Many adults grow out of love with each other, have issues that cause them to drift, or are just better off as friends than lovers.

But, what happens when your parents split up for 7 years and then magically find their way back to each other? Apparently, they get an entire social media network behind them rooting for them to make it happen. Twitter user @VirgoVonnie shared a text from his mom saying that she “kissed his father.”

He told his followers that his parents got divorced 7 years ago and both became recently single. Apparently, love is in the air, because his mom ended up kissing his dad and it was so good—she’s about to get her man back.

Obviously, people on Twitter were rooting for a family reunion. Who doesn’t love a happy ending? It’s so rare to see parents find their way back to each other, actually seeing it happen is a true blessing.

We wholeheartedly agree—we need updates. I want wedding photos!