Women Reveal What It’s Truly Like To Kiss A Stranger On New Year’s Eve

 Amanda, 23

“I fifth wheeled my two roommates, who are in serious relationships las NYE. Desperate, but they were going to an awesome club that I would not have been able to get into without them. Sick of seeing couples throughout the entire evening. I scanned the crowd for the first lonesome guy I saw. There was one guy standing alone on his phone and I instantly approached him. We talked for an hour and at midnight I got my kiss.”

Beth, 25

“This story is awful but I couldn’t help myself. This guy was with a bunch of other guys so I assumed he was single. I grabbed his face and kissed him, turned out he had a girlfriend at home.”

Maddie, 23

“I kissed not one but two strange men on New Year’s Eve. My friends had run off with other guys and I was left alone in the club with these two guys. We talked and they seemed pretty cool. One of them asked me to be their NYE kiss and I agreed. After we kissed he got up to use the bathroom and his friend asked if I could keep a secret and kiss him as well. I did.”

 Gina, 25

“My New Year’s kiss didn’t happen at midnight, it happened a few hours after but it was with a stranger. He had broke up with his girlfriend at midnight actually because she insisted they stay out and he wanted to go home and spend the rest of the night with just her, not the entire bar. He was sitting outside of the bar alone and I was about to be on my way home alone, as all my friends are in committed relationships and the one single friend I was with had left with a guy already. We talked about life, love, relationships. I went back to his place, and then I got my New Year’s kiss.”

 Gabby, 24

“It was a indoor pool party. I had been flirting with the guy in the pool an hour before the new year began. We ended up making out under water.”