You Can Now Buy A Full-Body Scarf And We Can’t Decide If It’s Brilliant Or Insane

And similar to a prom dress, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to get your hands, or rather your whole body, into one. Each chunky mohair tube scarf retails at $280. If you’re looking to get one before Christmas, you better act fast. Currently, they’re out of stock, but you can still place an order to get one 10-14 days after your payment has been received.

While I appreciated the innovative fashion, I didn’t think this full-body scarf was the right winter gear for me. I continued to comb through Dukyana’s online store to see what other hand-knitted treasures they had available. Clearly, this was not their first time playing around with novelty attire.

For $399, you can literally look like you just performed at the VMA’s with this Four Piece Fuzzy Mohair Set.

Or you can get a functional Silky Huge Cowlneck Mohair Dress for $258. Werk it!

They also make products from wool, as well as men’s products, like this Merino Blend Men’s T-Neck Ribbed Sweater for $149. Festive!

But if you just want something simple, they also make these Fuzzy and Thick Chunky Mohair Mittens for $44.

So we must ask: would you purchase one of these unique designs? Does this top your Christmas wishlist? Or is this totally not your cup of tea? Opinions are pretty mixed on Twitter.

Some see a giant sock.

Others see the ‘best winter accessory.’

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!