You Can Now Buy A Full-Body Scarf And We Can’t Decide If It’s Brilliant Or Insane

Do you ever get really cold and just wish you could wrap yourself up like a burrito in your scarf? Same, but I always struggle with the fact that my scarf is only a couple inches long and I’m this gargantuan freezing cold human being. Life is hard and scarves should cover more than just the neck. Luckily, the folks at Dukyana, an online retailer that sells hand-knitted sweaters and other crafted designs, must have had the same thought and came up with a solution for this small scarf dilemma. The future of winter wear is here. Introducing the Chunky Mohair Tube Scarf.

This tube scarf covers your whole body!

Even your head! You can pretend to be a turtle hiding in a giant cozy shell.

It also comes in blue, gray, and pink! Each of these scarves are made from Mohair, a silky fabric or yarn made from goat hair.

Winter prom dress, anyone?