20+ Tumblr Posts You’ll Only Love If You Have A Weird Sense Of Humor

Look, Twitter is fine, but we all know that for the truly bizarre internet jokes, Tumblr is really the only place to be. But have you ever actually been on Tumblr? That sh*t’s confusing! And all the funny stuff is so hard to actually find!

We agree – and that’s why we gathered the best of the bizarre, the nutty, and the downright nonsensical from Tumblr and brought it here. Cause if it makes me laugh, I figure it’ll make you laugh too.

40. This brilliant rebranding:

39. This criminal advice:

38. This juicy soup:

37. This brilliant, totally original metaphor:

36. This incredible typo:

35. This gigantic…wtf is this?

34. This retooled timeline:

33. This mashup we’d all love to see:

32. This geographical pissing contest:

31. This two-legged giraffe: