20+ Tumblr Posts That’ll Crack You Up No Matter How Crappy Your Day Was

Almost as long as there have really been internet memes, there have been golden screencaps from tumblr. I don’t mean literally the color gold, just that they’re so good they make you want to kiss your fingers like an Italian chef, or do a jig like an excited 5-year-old.

Tumblr is a huge site, and it’s not easy to actually find the funny stuff when you’re on there – so look here instead! We gathered the best and the brightest of tumblr to make you laugh inappropriately loud in quiet places. When all the people in the coffeeshop look at you quizzically cause you’re making weird strained gurgling noises containing your giggles, that’s when we’ve won.

And we will win.

49. This accidental email:

48. This x-rated Shrek convo:

47. This incredible Tinder profile:

46. This spot on metaphor for ‘Murica:

45. This prank-waiting-to-happen:

44. This very particular group of emos:

43. This very personal lesson in worm biology:

42. This perfect setup:

41. This gleeful chemistry teacher:

40. This unlucky math student: