You’re Never Going To Be Everyone’s ‘Cup of Tea’

And, that’s okay.

We often go through life with this constant need of being accepted – being wanted, being yearned for. We manipulate ourselves, our personalities, to fit perfectly in the hands of others, trying to mold ourselves into the idealized version of a friend – a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a lover – for somebody else. We bend, be break, we fall apart and put ourselves back together in a new light, a new form, a new way – for somebody else other than ourselves.

As we grow, we go through life dealing with rejection, neglect, unrequited love. We take these holes and imprint them into our souls – holding them like crutches to our bodies. We let them mark our skin and brand themselves on our lips – holding our tongue back from speaking the words itching to escape.

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We forget that in life, there is a universal truth:

You are never going to be everyone’s cup of tea.  

Not everyone is going to love you. Not everyone is going to want you. Hell – not everyone is going to even like you.

And, that’s okay.

Not everyone is going to want someone who loves the way you do, who cares the way you do – who thinks the way you do. You may be too strong, too loud, too intense for someone else to stomach. You may have needs that surpass what others are capable of giving, you may have aches that others cannot understand.

This isn’t a fault of yours – this doesn’t mean you should manipulate yourself to fit into the perimeters of someone else’s life. You shouldn’t break down what makes you an original to be confined in a box and become someone else’s copy.

So, you’re not someone’s cup of tea. So, they don’t like you.

Who cares?

You’re never going to be truly happy with yourself as a person if you’re constantly trying to please everyone else. Someone will always have something to say about you, no matter what kind of person you are and, lets face it, perfection is an unattainable goal.

It means that you should find people with bigger hearts, deeper souls – find people who have open-minds and big enough hands to hold someone as strong as you.

There are people out there who will love you for who you are – without wanting to change aspects of yourself that make you, you.

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