Twitter Has Really, Really Strong Feelings About Taylor Swift Being Named One Of Time’s People Of The Year

Pop mogul Taylor Swift is just one of the many featured on the cover of Time for their annual Person Of The Year edition. This year’s person of the year is a group of individuals— “the silence breakers”— those who helped “set off a national reckoning over the prevalence of sexual harassment,” as announced by the magazine’s editor-in-chief on NBC’s Today on Wednesday morning.

The cover image also featured Ashley Judd, former Uber engineer Susan Fowler, the back of a woman’s head (meant to represent victims of assault with no public audience), a Mexican strawberry-picker named Isabel Pascual and Adama Iwu, a corporate lobbyist in Sacramento— among others.

Yet Taylor Swift is the only one featured who is the subject of much debate, at least on Twitter. It seems one cannot feel lukewarm when it comes to musician— you either love her or you hate her. Many did not think the pop star deserved a spot on the cover, especially in light of her threatening to sue journalists who attempt to write about her white supremacist fans and her unwillingness to speak out against President Trump’s sexual harassment allegations:

Others pointed out that Taylor has every right to appear on the cover and that her personal experience stands independent of people’s opinion of her as a person or musician: