Sophie Turner Responds To Those Who Think Taylor Swift Shouldn’t Have Made The ‘Time’ Cover

Taylor Swift is just one of the many women featured on the cover of Time for their annual Person Of The Year edition. This year’s person of the year is not just one person, it is a group of individuals— “the silence breakers”— primarily women who helped “set off a national reckoning over the prevalence of sexual harassment.”

The cover image also featured— among many others— actress Ashley Judd, former Uber engineer Susan Fowler, a Mexican strawberry-picker named Isabel Pascual and corporate Sacramento lobbyist Adama Iwu.

Taylor Swift recently won a sexual assault lawsuit against a former DJ who had groped her during a meet and greet, seeking only a single “symbolic” dollar in damages. In the closing statements for the case, her lawyer expressed his hope that this verdict would help set a precedent protecting sexual assault victims by law in the future, stating that the symbolic dollar had a value “immeasurable to all women in this situation.”

But besides known sexual harasser President Donald Trump, nobody received quite as much social media vitriol as Taylor Swift for her involvement with the magazine’s cover. Many did not think the pop star deserved a spot on the cover, citing the irony in naming her a “silence breaker” when she actively silenced journalists  who attempt to write about her white supremacist fanbase as well as the fact that she never spoke out about the #metoo campaign on any platform. Instead, people felt that if a pop star was going to be on the cover it should’ve been Kesha, who spent the last year in court battling sexual assault against her producer Dr. Luke.

And while Kesha would’ve definitely been an appropriate choice, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner was not about the anti-Taylor tide.