Chrissy Teigen Completely Roasted This Bully On Twitter And We Can’t Stop Applauding

Chrissy Teigen is not one to be messed with when it comes to Twitter. Let’s face it, she’s the queen of the clap backs. Teigen is always shutting sh*t down on social media when it comes to a**holes – from random trolls to Donald Trump himself – no one is safe. This time, Teigen went out to spread her beautiful and wonderful thoughts about Sarah Sanders and her…pies?

Sanders tweeted this photo of a pie she made for Thanksgiving. She tried to be all “I’m so busy I barely have any time to cook anymore, but I just whipped this up in the kitchen, y’all!” Yes, Sanders is pretty busy seeing as she’s currently the White House Press Secretary – but she does a pretty sh*tty job at it. She should stick to cooking pies, as this photo looks immaculate.

Teigen would know what a good pie looks like, seeing as she’s a foodie and a cookbook author. She’s been an avid lover of food (which includes pies) for years, and if you follow her on social media, you’d know she’s always cooking up something delicious in her kitchen.

But, some users on Twitter (who clearly love the President) weren’t too fond of Teigen’s advice and instead, dragged her for the public to see.