This Teen Completely Roasted A Guy Who Complained About Women ‘Pretending’ To Like Football

It seems as though the male opinion about women liking sports is that if you’re of the female gender and you like a sport “too much,” you’re actually just pretending to impress guys. It’s no big deal that my father raised me to live and breathe The New York Mets (semi-unfortunately), but, if I tell a guy I know the starting bullpen by name and average pitch–I’m clearly doing it for male attention. The notion that women are not allowed to like sports has been around for decades and just gets worse with time. One teen was sick of hearing it–especially during the Super Bowl this year and decided to get a bit of revenge.

Twitter user @skrtethan2 tweeted about how much he hates when girls pretend to know about football just to look cool.

But, another Twitter user thought it was a sexist and dumb tweet, so he trolled him in the best way possible–by pretending to talk about a “player.”

One would think someone who really knows football (and life) would know Gary Coleman is not a football player. But, it seems as though the tables have turned on this conversation because Ethan had no idea what he was talking about.

I want to think he was being sarcastic, but honestly, it seems that this kid is just plain stupid. Don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house, buddy. Clearly, you’re the one who is “pretending” to like football.

Twitter, of course, could not stop dragging him.