Chrissy Teigen Completely Roasted This Bully On Twitter And We Can’t Stop Applauding

If you’re going to come for Chrissy Teigen on Twitter, you best be prepared for a brutal takedown. Whether it’s from Teigen herself, or her fans, someone is coming after you boo. Twitter user @summerLsteele tweeted to Teigen asking her what her job was exactly saying:

And what exactly is your job besides being a bully, rude, and married to John Legend?

But, don’t worry, y’all. Teigen was there to serve her tea. She replied:

You just listed 3 jobs. You want me to have more than 3 jobs?

Well, she’s right. Having one job takes a lot of time, let alone two (trust me). But, three jobs? That’s a whole lot of sleepless nights. Have no fear though, Teigen haswaymore than three jobs as Twitter pointed out.

There you have it, you silly little troll, Teigen is basically Wonder Woman and there’s no denying it so take your jealousy elsewhere and spread some #happiness instead.