Twitter Is Sharing Feel Good Stories About Celebrities Because Not All Of Them Are A**Holes

This year has proven to be nothing more than a brutal and ruthless takedown of celebrities, who behind the scenes, happen to be pieces of sh*t. Day after day, it seems as though the Hollywood elite are being called out for their horrific crimes and agendas. While it’s well deserved, it’s also disheartening to think the entire industry is made up of scumbags. It almost makes you want to stop watching movies and TV shows altogether – why support these people at all? But, while some people are just bad seeds, not everyone in Hollywood is a complete sexist, racist, homophobic, antisemitic person. Some people can be appreciated for the goodness they have in their hearts. How do we know this? Twitter, of course.

Twitter user @BAKKOOONN asked the giant abyss of the Internet if anyone had any “nice allegations” against celebrities. With there being horrifying allegations appearing every day, it would be a change of pace in a far too negative world we are living in.

Surprisingly, people had a lot of nice things to say about celebrities. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Lou Diamond Pillips is a good dude.

Method Man smells good.

Tyra Banks cares.

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are stand up humans.

Sway is giving.