Watch The Tear-Jerking Moment This Fallen Veteran’s Pregnant Wife Gets Her Dream Nursery

There are some couples who have a love story so beautiful, it’s almost hard to believe. Britt and Chris Harris are one of those couples. The two met when they were out with some friends and Britt recalls she fell in love with his blue eyes immediately. After nine months of dating, the two got married. While some people would consider this “fast,” the two were so in love, they didn’t want to wait a moment longer. Soon after their wedding, the couple found out that Chris was being deployed to Afghanistan. Like many deployed husbands, Chris’ wife found out she was pregnant with their first child while Chris was overseas.

Britt surprised her husband with the news over a video chat–and, he couldn’t have been more surprised and excited to be a father. Tragically, only one week after finding out he would be a father, the 25-year-old was killed in combat overseas. This left Britt to not only be a widow but also, a single mom. Losing your husband is something no wife ever wants to think about, but when you’re pregnant with your first child, it’s a nightmare. After hearing this widow’s story, Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron who both host the show “Pickler & Ben” wanted to do something extra special for this mother-to-be.

The two teamed up with Trish Cyrus–aka Miley Cyrus’ mom and interior designer–to create the nursery of this mom’s dreams. The pink, adorably decorated room was everything Britt claims she could ever want. And, to make an extra-special gesture, the decorators framed the onesie that Britt used to tell her husband he was going to be a father–how touching!!

On top of the dream nursery, the design team decided to do something even sweeter for Britt–and her mother-in-law. Chris’ mother has been extremely hands-on with Britt and her pregnancy–moving in with Britt after Chris passed away.  The design team also worked really hard to redo Britt’s mother-in-law’s room, so she can stay comfortably and help with the new baby.

Sometimes, good things happen to people who deserve it most.