Twitter Brutally Drags Paris Hilton For Claiming She Invented The Selfie

Many will never know the joys of a pre-iPhone time. Back when you had to call someone’s house and maybe talk to their mom to get them on the phone. Back when you didn’t have to prove to everyone how great of a time you were having on vacation, at the party, in your everyday life. Back before photography renegade Paris Hilton invented the selfie, creating a domino effect of young people everywhere sharing perfectly curated photos of themselves in exchange for digital likes from strangers.

Or at least this is what Paris Hilton claims. The heiress recently posted two throwback shots posing with Britney Spears to her Twitter with the caption ’11 years ago today, Me & Britney invented the selfie!’ The tweet prompted backlash from thousands of Twitter users who shared pre-Paris-Hilton-And-Britney-Spears selfies as proof how faulty Paris’ statement was.

Now, to be clear, I am not including Britney Spears in this ridiculous claim nor will I be acknowledging her complicity in it in any way. Britney is living her best life, exercising and finger painting butterflies and posting mom memes to her Instagram. Leave Britney alone.

Ok, Thelma and Louise and Madonna are all good and great, but Princess Anastasia was doing this at the turn of the century: