Twitter Roasts Sean Hannity’s Totally Reasonable Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Board

Fox News host Sean Hannity has been a topic of discussion on Twitter ever since he created a completely reasonable and not at all insane looking mood board conspiracy theory board in what can only be called an effort to get Hillary Clinton impeached (wait a sec…).

Surely, Hannity has nothing better to do than to harp on a presidential candidate who lost to a lunatic a year ago. Surely, this display of conspiracy theory dementia is not meant to distract from his initially defending sexual predator Roy Moore for trying to date 14-year-olds. Surely, this is also not meant to distract from enormous brands such as Keurig, Reddi-Wip, and Hebrew National pulling their advertising as a result of this defense, or of the multitudes of Fox News aficionados destroying coffee makers and food they already paid for in of protest of…of what? A sexual predator’s demise? Surely not.

The board is a 100% sensible thing to do. So sensible, in fact, that Twitter responded the only way it knows how. Jokes upon jokes.

Other joke formats include alternative representations of this information as well as some beautiful Photoshops. Like this genius, who may have just gotten to the bottom of Hillary’s connection to both the Red Wedding and the mustard at Five Guys.

Meanwhile, we’ll just be waiting for Roy Moore to prove his “innocence” regarding his creeping on children to Sean Hannity. He’s got seven hours left.