Roy Moore References Teenage Cheerleaders While Denying He’s A Pedophile

As a means of going on the offense, Roy Moore— Republican nominee for the Alabama Senate seat and utterly unabashed pedophile— managed to reference the only topic he should’ve stayed trillions of miles away from considering a 32-year-old version of him sexually touched a 14-year-old child. That topic? Teenage cheerleaders.

Moore’s reference came in the form of a tweet directed at Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who earlier this week asked Moore to drop out of the race. “Dear Mitch McConnell,” wrote Moore, “Bring.It.On.”

Bring It On. As in, the 2000 cult classic starring Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union. A movie about teenage cheerleaders. Again, Roy Moore, who has been urged by many members of his own party (not the president though, oddly enough, seems they have too much in common re: girl children) referenced a movie about teenage cheerleaders in some myopic defense of his own pedophilia. What a jackass.

In fact, Moore was so misguided in his tweet, that the director of Bring It On, Peyton Reed, had something to say:

Twitter users then turned Moore’s unwise choice of tweet format against him, making a total joke of this already total joke: