22 Women Describe The Exact Moment They Knew They Were Dating An Idiot

16.  Tsb6829:

How to differentiate between ‘to’ and ‘too’. He would text it wrongly and I’d think oh autocorrect… but then it started happening in serious correspondence to our landlord etc. and in professional emails, and I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

After much probing, (not that kind), he admitted he chooses which to write based on ‘how it sounds in the sentence’ ?

17. Freeecheeese:

We were moving in together and he had no idea how to get utilities turned on. I was surprised because he was 22 and had been paying his own way since 16, but I guess he paid cash to whoever he was renting a room from until that point. The lesson went: “Google ‘electric company (town name)’. Now call them and ask what they want from you to set up a new account. Do what they say.” It was a whole big thing

18. Siegbertsdottir:

Eight years in i found out he has no clue about first aid. He is convinced, that for example a cut off finger has to be stored in his mouth until he reaches the hospital.

19. lynnangel:

He couldn’t (and can’t) wash dishes. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve told him that soap isn’t optional and I know he didn’t use any because his “clean” dishes are greasy to the touch. WHAT THE FUCK.

20.  lgparson:

This isn’t really a life skill but my boyfriend’s whole family cuts all meat with scissors instead of knives. It’s been 3 years and I’m still adjusting to the idea.

21. renutafunhouse:

Not so much when we first started dating, but about five years into the relationship I had to change my husband’s flat tire. Pretty hilarious to see the looks given by anyone walking/driving by!

22. leviductionist:

He had never been the “person that cared” in a relationship before, so he never gained the ability to have an argument with the intent of growing closer. He assumed arguments just meant the end of a relationship. Poor guy would be in relationships with women who would physically, verbally and emotionally abuse him (throwing lamps, etc.).