22 Women Describe The Exact Moment They Knew They Were Dating An Idiot

11. itsnotaboutyou:

How to use a washing machine. He was 33 FFS. Spot the guy who only ever lived with his parents.

12. ballon718:

We were both 22, he’d been living on his own for the past 2 years and he’d never bought himself bed sheets. just slept over a blanket on the mattress. He also literally REFUSED to do his own laundry. like he just wouldn’t. He’d get his brother to do it for him in exchange for cash and then when I rolled around it was apparently my job to do his laundry, because “that’s what girlfriends do!” I felt like I was his mother. it didn’t last long.

13. divineredgrace:

I asked my ex for a pan to bake a cake and he handed me a pot. That’s just one example but there are many more basic cooking things he just could not grasp.

14.  AngryJigglypuff:

How insurance works. It turns out him and his mother both don’t know how insurance work.

He needed a root canal so I gave him a few dentist in our area that took our insurance. He said he made the appointment. It turns out his mother made the appointment at a clinic an hour away. I found out they didn’t take our insurance and we had to pay out of pocket after we got there.

“Well they said they took insurance! I didn’t know there were different types!”

He is 32 and she is 65.

15. dream_weaver3:

Addressing an envelope and writing a check. He grew up with a single mother and essentially raised himself. He did a damn good job but, it’s crazy to me just how big on an impact our parents have on teaching us even the “simplest” of tasks.