11 Girlfriends Reveal What They Really Think Of ‘No Shave November’

No-Shave November has become a cultural phenomenon in society with a significant purpose behind it. One that embraces hair, which many cancer patients lose during treatment. So, men specifically, will grow out their hair (facial hair, head hair, pubes etc.) to raise awareness. The campaign began after 8 siblings lost their father to colon cancer in 2009. They wanted to honor their father in some way special, so they created the campaign and it has become nationally known ever since. For men, it is a ton of fun to be able to show off how manly you are by the size of the forest on your face That’s the saying, right? The more facial hair you have the more manly you are? I’m not exactly sure, but I know for a fact men love every minute of November. It is more convenient for them too not having to shave.

On the bright side ladies, this gives you more time to occupy the bathroom since the men in your life don’t need to shave. That is about an extra 10 minutes for you to be in there. But, by the end of the month, it looks like every man that has participated has become the equivalent of a cave man that has not seen a razor once a day in his life. But yes, it is for a good cause, so we excuse the men in our life for that. However, women are finally voicing their opinion on how they really feel about their significant others turning into bearded beasts. We asked a few girlfriends how they feel about “No-Shave November” or “Movember” as many call it.

1. Joanna:

I think the facial hair is attractive, I wouldn’t mind it year round.

2. Megan:

 It makes me look like he actually hasn’t showered in days.

3. Jenna:

He looks more bad ass and rough around the edges.

4. Sarah:

 I’d prefer the clean look but it is for a good cause so I can’t say much.

5. Emma:

I wish it was called man bun November, and they only grew out their head hair.