11 Girlfriends Reveal What They Really Think Of ‘No Shave November’

6. Jane:

I get it is for a great cause but it becomes way too much when they stop shaving their pubes. Hello, that doesn’t make you manly!

7. Jennifer:

I truly support it because it is for such a great cause, I don’t care how hairy he gets!

8. Kat:

My boyfriend can’t even grow that much facial hair, he’s always had a baby face, so I am less than bothered by No-Shave November.

9. Sophia:

The best way I would describe my feelings towards the facial hair is that I don’t love it; but I don’t hate it either.

10. Nicole:

I think it is actually hysterically these grown men are walking around with all this hair. It is amazing seeing them take something so seriously.

11. Caroline:

It’s sexy that my significant other wants to do something for a good cause, the hair doesn’t phase me.

Whatever way you look at it, hair or no hair; No Shave November really is for a great cause. It is a great way for men to come together and support something that so many people are affected by.