30 People Confess The Messed Up Business Scams You’ve Probably Fallen For At One Point In Your Life

In business, you’d expect to be able to trust the people you are buying from or doing business with. But, it so happens that in life, people are out to do you pretty dirty. In fact, everyone is looking to make a quick dollar or two. Capitalism, man, always getting us by the ankles. The best way to avoid scams? Read the fine print on everything you buy, rent or even look at. Shopping online? Read everything – reviews, sizing guides, materials – everything. Buying in store? Read. Read. Read. If you cant read – well, then, there’s no hope for you, buddy. Fortunately, Reddit has helped us out and given us some of the *top secret* business scams that we always end up falling for, you know, to save you for next time.

1. icarusOW:

I know a guy who does pest control who specializes in raccoon removal. He takes the raccoons from one house in one neighborhood, then takes and releases it in another neighborhood then waits for the people there to reach out to him to remove the raccoon from their home.

2.  moderate_extremist:

People lie about salary, starting pay, raises, etc. all the time. Learn to play hardball. For a multi-million dollar company, another $10-20k is nothing.

My office had a lock-down on raises over 3% and going into an annual review I learned that by boss had lied and under paid me for the starting position (He claimed they had a $60k budget for the position and couldn’t exceed it. I found out the last person in the job got paid $75k).

So I got an offer from a competitor for over double my current pay, knew they couldn’t afford to lose me with the amount of work coming in, and slid my offer letter over to my boss during the review. They matched the offer, gave me a $10,000 bonus up front, and even cut me into a percentage of a business line. The meeting was awkward as hell, and it was difficult to do, but its business.

3. 000011110000:

If you’re buying a used car – or any car for that matter, the check engine light should temporarily come on when you start the vehicle. If it doesn’t, the dash has been tampered with to mask a potential issue

4. icandoittwice:

Dish Network’s door-to-door salesmen will tell you that’s it’s fine to use your parent’s name and Social Security Number for your account if your credit prevents you from getting service. This is not ok, it’s identity theft.

5. catjuggler:

At home depot and lowes there are cacti with plastic flowers glued on to them.