30 People Confess The Messed Up Business Scams You’ve Probably Fallen For At One Point In Your Life

21. HoosierHasBeen:

I was a waitress at a family-owned restaurant that paid me $0.10 more than the minimum wage. They were able to require me to turn over all tips that I never saw again because they paid me over minimum wage. I think this is technically legal, but sleazy nonetheless. I made really great tips and it was hard turning the money over. It’s also pretty deceptive to the customer, who thinks their money is going to the wait staff, not the restaurant.

22. kukukele:

It’s not dirty as it’s legal but there is a reason that stores ask you to donate some amount to a charity or fund. They can use your donation to help them get a tax write off.

23. twrkconexnprblms:

Made “from” or “with” 100% something

Just because something is made with 100% of something doesn’t mean that the thing itself is 100% that thing.

24. GrizzlyManOnWire:

The higher priced items like prime rib and seafood is typically at the end of the buffet line and cheaper more filling options like bread and mashed potatoes are at the front. They hope you fill up your plate space/stomach space by the time you get to the high ticket items.

25. Reverend_Mikey:

The “best-sellers” book lists are not actually based on the number of books sold to consumers. They are based on the number of books sold by the distributor. So if someone like… Bill O’Reilly… wanted to claim he had the best selling book in America, his publisher could use a third party clearing house to order a million copies of the book at a highly discounted rate (like, .50 cents a book). The clearing house can then turn around and sell those books to Books-a-Million, Barnes and Noble, etc. at a highly discounted rate, which is why you see certain authors… like Bill O’Reilly… always in the bargain bin. But even if nobody bought those books at the store level, the distributor can still report that 1 million copies of the book have been sold.