30 People Confess The Messed Up Business Scams You’ve Probably Fallen For At One Point In Your Life

16. PatheticRedditor:

Whole Wheat Breads. Double check the ingredients list. If bleached flour is listed at all, put it the fuck back.

17. archangel09:

Selling a customer a wireless phone package that you claim is “unlimited,” then throttling their speed when they surpass some arbitrary limit of data used.

18. access547:

“every month” and “every 4 weeks” sound similar, but are different. Paying every month gets you 12 payments, every 4 weeks gets you 13

19. livious1:

I work with a lot of different body shops, and in my area the big thing to do is to enhance the damage to customers cars. I don’t mean they try and negotiate harder, I mean they actively create more damage to previously undamaged panels, usually in ways that don’t affect the function and are hidden to the customer, in order to get the insurance company to pay them more money. In my area, while not every shop does this, I would say the honest ones are the minority.

And it screws the customer over in the long run. The shop might promise that they will “save you your deductible”, but in the end you end up with a car that has unrepaired damage or you have to pay out of pocket if the insurance company catches the shop enhancing. And the sad thing is there is almost no way to know which shops do this when you pick a shop.

20. Flaxmoore:

A locksmith I knew would rekey locks using old, worn-down pins, which caused the locks to stop working prematurely- without the pins being crisp, eventually the lock jams or the key quits working. He would then await the inevitable call to replace them, rekey them with good pins, and be good to go.

You could make an extra $65 a customer this way. We never did (I’m certified as a Master Locksmith, NLA and ALOA) but we repaired a lot of locks this charlatan “fixed”. We complained to the NLA and ALOA and got his bond status revoked.

If you get a lock repaired and it doesn’t feel as crisp as a new zipper when you put in the key that first time, they may have pulled this trick.