The Internet Claims These Are Products Only Really, Really Stupid People Buy

You’re not a sucker, are you? Good, because you work hard to earn that money, and you don’t want to spend it when you don’t have to spend it. You have important things to buy, like pizza-pies, shower radios, and all those other crazy gadgets you kids are into these days. Buyer beware, though, when you’re shopping online or in person—these are the things people in an Ask Reddit forum say are the biggest scams in the world that only dum-dums would fall for.


There was a product that would rewind a CD.

Rewind a CD….


Those little blue sleeping pills. They are literally blue Benadryl (diphenhydramine), same form factor and dosage, yet they are priced 3-5x higher just for being blue.


I’m assuming penis enlargement pills, although I’ve never met anyone who has claimed to have tried them