The Internet Claims These Are Products Only Really, Really Stupid People Buy


Barbizon “Modeling and Acting School”. It claims to be a school that will teach your child how to break into the modeling industry and score a lucrative career in T.V., magazines, etc.

Oh, you’re short? Overweight? Shy? Doesn’t matter, they can “see something in you” and you’re going to make it big in L.A.! They’ve been around for awhile, scattered across the U.S.

In reality, it’s charm school. As students, we learned how to wash our face, apply makeup, set at a fancy dinner and eat with the correct silverware…stuff like that. They taught a basic “model walk” at the end, for the final project.

The “teachers” were not even pro models, they were dance instructors, a field totally unrelated to what they were teaching.

The worst part is, they dangle this dream of success in front of you until you come up with the $1500+ for the classes. Non-refundable, of course.

These types of places still “scout for talent” in busy mall-type shopping areas all over the country. They’ll pick you or your child out of a crowd to come in and “audition”.


Goop will sell you a scented candle for $72. It’s a mystical candle.


Strange diet techniques or products to make you slim. My friend is currently on some fad coffee diet, and is convinced that drinking a cup of it every day will make her lose weight despite continuing the eat the same as she usually does.