30 People Confess The Messed Up Business Scams You’ve Probably Fallen For At One Point In Your Life

11. conurecrazy:

When finding a home for your elderly parents, set up an appointment but come in a few minutes early and say (don’t ask) if you can walk around for a quick look. The receptionist likely wont refuse you, and the sales person won’t be ready for you. These places like to show you only the stuff they want you to see when being led around by a sales person. Chat with a resident or a staff member, they’ll be the most honest with you.

12. kochikame:

The “closing down” sale in the shop that never closes down. It’s just in closing down sale mode continuously.

I’m amazed shops are allowed to get away with this.

13. hobbes_shot_first:

The three tiered pricing approach, especially for things like roofing or basement waterproofing.

The contractor starts with a ridiculously high priced quote for way more stuff than you asked for, steps down to a more moderate quote of what you wanted with a few bells and whistles, then the third quote is for what you requested.

This gives you the illusion of choice and reduces sticker shock because although your requested “absolute minimum” service is really expensive, it’s only half the cost of their recommended repairs!

14. Kingtycoon:

An older fellow I know had a bodega and he’d put a can of cream corn on the counter by the register. This was some time ago so the van had a price tag of $.17. He sold that can of cream corn to everyone who bought anything there. If they realized they were paying to much he’d just say he thought that was their can of corn. Most people didn’t notice though and he sold that same can of cream corn maybe twenty times a day.

15. chadrob:

Yelp is an extortion ring.