6 Steps For Overcoming Paranoia In Your Relationships

4. Practice believing in the benefit of the doubt.

Yes, there are bad people in this world. And, yes, not every relationship you are in is going to be a healthy and faithful one. However, you have to be vulnerable and you have to try to see the good in absolutely everyone in order to fully experience love. Especially, the person you are trying to be in a relationship with. It’s important to sometimes let go of the idea that everyone you cross paths with is going to harm you and instead, focus on giving your significant other the benefit of the doubt. If your significant other is trying longer than usual to respond…maybe they are sleeping or they’re busy. It doesn’t mean they’re always doing something bad.

5. Stop assuming everything.

You know the old saying, “assuming makes an ass out of me and you?” Well, it is very much so true and relevant when it comes to being in a relationship. When you assume that your significant other is doing something other than what they are telling you, you’re making an ass out of yourself and causing yourself major paranoia. It’s up to you whether or not you want to be happy in your own relationship.

6. Work on building confidence in yourself.

The simplest – yet hardest – thing to do is to have confidence in yourself. When you feel insecure it can be almost impossible to be confident. The thing is that once you built up the confidence and self-esteem that you need, all of your paranoias will go away. Work on believing in yourself and realizing that you are a catch and you deserve to be loved. Knowing your worth will, in turn, make you feel less worried about losing your SO.