‘Tonsil Stone Removal’ Videos Are The Disgusting New Pimple Popping Videos

If you’re someone who likes watching gross stuff on the internet, then boy do I have something for ya.

We’ve probably all seen pimple popping videos, or that guy breaking his leg playing basketball, or that other guy breaking his leg playing basketball, etc etc. It’s not for everyone, but the people who love it really seem to love it. Dr. Pimple Popper, for example, has up to 10 million views on her YouTube videos.

If you like that kinda thing, there’s a new trend of videos that’s here to keep all the desensitized masochists of the world on the edge of gagging. They’re called tonsil stone removal videos and they’re exactly what they sound like: videos of people getting tonsil stones removed. They’re just as horrific or satisfying, depending on if you like this kind of stuff, as pimple popping videos.

Speaking of which, why exactly do some people like this sort of content? Nina Strohminger, author of The Hedonics of Disgust has an idea. “Negative sensations are interesting, particularly when you’re in a context where they can’t hurt you. You’re probably not going to step in dog shit just for the experience, but maybe you’d click on a link to watch someone else doing it,” explained Strohminger.

Well, if that makes sense to you, check out these amazing (and awful) tonsil stone removal videos:

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