Drake Bell & Josh Peck Made A Video To Let Everyone Know They’re “Brothas” Again

Drake Bell and Josh Peck had some serious feuding going on this year. Basically, what happened was – Josh got married, Drake wasn’t invited, and he was hella salty all over Twitter about it. After spending years together on Nickelodeon’s “Drake and Josh” together, everyone would have thought Drake would have been invited to the wedding. But, it just goes to show you, as time passes – people grow apart. Josh wasn’t really required to invite Drake to his wedding, especially when the two hadn’t spoken in years really. But, fans perpetuated their feud saying it was “really f*cked up,” and Josh was wrong. Then, they went and attacked Josh all over social media calling him horrible names for being a huge, pompous d*ck.

If you’ve been in the fetal position crying at your ruined childhood over the Drake and Josh feud – don’t worry – they’re back together.

At the 2017 VMA’s on MTV, Josh Peck decided to Facebook Live his entire adventure and experience – which included seeing his buddy Drake Bell again. And, guess what – they’re “brothas.”

The video shows them hanging out, laughing, goofing around – and they even hung out after the award’s show at Josh’s apartment – laughing and playing jokes on each other just like old times. 

They two even got together again after the VMA’s and hung out, shooting the sh*t with some friends and younger influencers – showing everyone that drama is just that…drama. And, when fans blow it up, you have no choice but to put sh*t past you and be the “better people.” Or, just put it aside to gain more followers by reuniting and talking about a possible reboot of everyone’s favorite childhood show – right boys?