Josh Peck Had Apparently Thrown Major Shade At Drake Bell Before #WeddingGate

Drama, drama, DRAMA.

The major headline this week amongst everyone who ever watched Nickelodeon as a child has been the ongoing beef between Josh Peck and Drake Bell.

Years ago, the two appeared on the hit TV series Drake & Josh, where they played step-brothers and also best friends. But, Josh got married this past week and didn’t invite Drake to his wedding – so, all hell broke loose on the Internet, of course.

Basically, after finding out he wasn’t invited to Josh’s big day, Drake got all salty on Twitter and went on a bit of a rant, causing everyone to question – were they ever really BROTHAS?

While Josh reported that he was “incredibly hurt” by the comments Drake had made on Twitter – citing the two hadn’t spoken in over three years or hung out or had any personal interaction – he also apparently threw some shade at his former co-star months before the wedding drama even happened.

Josh apparently appeared on Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss and discussed how often fans ask him about Drake and their friendship.

“When people see Drake and I together, and it rarely happens, they’re like, ‘What, what are you doing here?’ I have no good answer for when people ask – and I get [it] all the time – it’s ‘Where’s Drake?’ go, ‘I wish I had a better answer but probably at home. Whole Foods?” 

So, basically, he doesn’t give a f*ck where Drake is, or if he’s spending outrageous amounts of money on “health food.” I guess this means their friendship was over before it even began.

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