There’s A New ‘Friends’ Theory That Monica Was Using Cocaine The Entire Series

Reddit user lolalodge posted in a subreddit category called “Fan Theories” about this Monica Geller theory and to be honest, as an avid “Friends” fan – it makes a lot of sense.

Alright, so Monica is a restaurant chef, usually a Sous Chef or even head chef most of the time in some rather high end restaurants in NYC.

First, most people that work in the restaurant industry tend to gravitate towards some sort of substance since the job is very high stress.

But that’s not even my reasoning. See, head chefs and sous chefs in high end restaurants in NYC tend to get paid a lot, like $50-$100 dollars an hour a lot.

Monica also lives in a rent controlled apartment that she illegally sublets from her dead grandmother, she even has a roommate to share the bills with. She doesn’t own an obscene amount of clothes or anything, doesn’t go out to bars regularly, so where exactly does her money go?

Cocaine, which she stashes in the closet by the big windows, which is why when Chandler opens it in the last season, she flips out because she doesn’t want him to find her cocaine stash.

It also explains why Monica is so high energy and high strung.

As for Joey, Joey pretty much smokes weed all day. That’s why he’s always hungry, can eat a ton of food and is constantly napping and is kind of spaced out and a lot of what other people say goes “whoosh” right over his head.

Edit: not saying it’s definitely the case, just that’s one way the show could be interpreted.

Edit II: forgot to add Monica doing cocaine also explains her rapid weight loss back when she was a teenager

*BOOM* – that’s your mind being blown. Let’s break it down:

After working in several restaurants in NYC, I can tell you firsthand that yes, a lot of chefs and waitstaff use drugs to counteract the stressful environments of their jobs. However, the closet episode – any fan would know – was a problem because she had “a messy closet” and didn’t want people knowing she was messy and a slob. However, cocaine does make people high strung and Monica is not only high-strung but also extremely competitive and confrontational.  Of course, the rapid weight loss is an indication as well.

The Joey theory, of course, makes way more sense than the Monica theory – because, let’s face it, I’m sure Monica wasn’t doing lines at 12 p.m. when they’re all sitting around the apartment and she’s busy dusting up under everyone. Joey, however, is always hungry and a bit “slow,” which, can also mean – stoned.

What are your thoughts – since we all know deep down you’re all “Friends”-heads.