Someone Created This ‘Anne Frank’ Halloween Costume & No. Just No.

Every year when October comes upon us and the leaves begin to change, everything seems to be pumpkins, candy and Hocus Pocus replaying on every single cable channel we can find. With Halloween coming towards us faster than anyone can say “candy corn is the devil’s candy,” it’s time to find your perfect costume. But, there are those who create costumes without thinking. We’ve seen people dress up as victims of abuse, of robbery – even pregnant celebrities. And, while some companies try to monetize on pop culture and trending topics, one company decided it would be a brilliant idea to make an “Anne Frank kids costume” and the results? Appalling.

People on Twitter called out this company for selling this inappropriate costume – which, seems to be for “learning purposes.” The company listed on their website that the costume comes with a dress, a bag, a beret and – a “destination tag.” The tag is “supposed to showcase which concentration camp Anne Frank would have been sent.” As a Jewish girl myself – I’m f*cking enraged.

The company claims:

We can always learn from the struggles of history. Unfortunately, World War II shook the world in a way that no one could have foreseen. It showed us what true and mettle were. It also created some unexpected heroes, where even a young girl like Anne Frank with nothing but a diary and hope could become an inspiration to us all. We can all learn from someone like that!

But, in this manner? Absolutely not. It’s insulting and frankly in poor taste to perpetuate this as a Halloween costume. If you want your children to learn about Anne Frank and her story of struggle through the Holocaust, buy your children the book – not this horribly made costume.

And, I’m not the only one. Twitter was not exactly on board with the idea to monetize and make a profit off of something so trivial and horrible in society and history.