This School Had To Be Evacuated Because Of… A Pumpkin Spice Air Freshener.

Yesterday, a school in Baltimore was evacuated due to a possible hazmat situation.

The authorities were alerted after students and faculty reported a “strange odor” that prompted an investigation.

Scary stuff! Until the authorities found out that the smell was coming from… drumroll please…

Yes… a pumpkin spice air freshener. The most basic of hazardous materials. “It was a smell that they certainly weren’t used to,” said Bill Heiser, president of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, to the Baltimore Sun. “It appeared to be getting stronger.” Some students even reported trouble breathing and five students were reportedly hospitalized.

After a thorough sweep of the building, police found a pumpkin spice plug-in air freshener in one of the classrooms and deemed it to be the culprit.

Say what you will about the whole pumpkin spice trend, now it’s sending people to the hospital and causing schools to be evacuated. How long before we realize that pumpkin spice is tearing this nation apart?!