You Can Actually Visit ‘Halloweentown’ IRL This October & We Are All Screaming

It’s been 19 years since the Disney cult film “Halloweentown” first blessed our screens when little Marnie found out she was bound to be a witch. We all fell in love with the Piper family and Ms. Aggie Cromwell, & not only did we love the humans, but we also loved the freakishly-looking creatures like ‘Benny The Cab Driver’ or ‘Natalie The Troll.’ We all miss them very dearly – but you don’t have to cry in your bed anymore because you can visit Halloweentown in real life.

Ladies & gents, start booking your flight to St. Helens, Oregon. This tiny town was where the movie was filmed and every year they bring “Halloweentown” to life. During the month of October, St. Helens celebrates the “Spirit of Halloweentown.”

The event features the gigantic pumpkin lighting:

Pet costume contests and haunted houses: