Demi Lovato Dressed Up In A Borderline X-Rated Selena Jumpsuit For Halloween

Even though Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, every adult knows that the real time to dress up is over Halloween weekend. I mean, the only adults that truly dress up on Halloween itself have to be parents who take their youngin’s trick-or-treating. Otherwise, it’s just a normal Tuesday at the office – and maybe our boss will splurge and get us some candy. But, more likely than not, it’s just another boring f*cking day in adulthood. With Halloweekend wrapping up pretty quickly, a lot of celebrities gave us some seriously incredible looks this year – like Kim Kardashian as Cher and, Demi Lovato as Selena. No, not Selena Gomez, fools.

We all know that the late Selena Quintanilla was one of the most famous Mexican-American singers of all time and, after her tragic death in 1995, people have paid homage to her in several ways. Demi Lovato completely slayed in her costume that was pretty revealing, but, sexy nonetheless. She sported a red jumpsuit similar to the one that Selena herself wore during a concert.

And, she was pretty spot-on in the look. Except, of course, Demi’s jumpsuit gave us a little something extra – va va voom, baby.

You have to admit, the costume is pretty legit and spot-on. So much so, that Twitter was feeling some type of way.