Ariel Winter Opens Up About Her Abusive Childhood & It’s Quite Shocking

Best known for her work on “Modern Family” as the brainy teen Alex Dunphy, Ariel Winter seems as the quintessential child star who rose to fame but alas, her personal story isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it’s far beyond the norm.

Known for making headlines because of her scandalous social media posts and being attacked by cyber trolls, Ariel, currently 19-years-old, decided to share some private details of her past during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. An unusual choice of action, rarely seen through celebrities. As many of you may be aware, Ariel was put under the temporary custody of her older sister, Shanelle Gray, at the young age of 14 – and legally emancipated a year later.


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Ariel took her mother to court for the emancipation…