Apparently, Cheese Is As Addictive As Hard Drugs

Life makes sense again.

Everyone loves cheese. Cheese is the best part of every meal. The best part of pizza? Cheese. The best part of buffalo wings? Bleu cheese. The best part of life? Cheese.

It’s no secret that everyone loves cheese – except for vegans, but they try to create fake cheese because they can’t live life without it. But, have you ever wondered why the f*ck we’re so obsessed with cheese? Well – apparently, it’s because we’re addicts.

Like many of us are addicted to coffee because of the caffeine or candy because of the sugar – cheese has a chemical that has addictive qualities – like the chemicals found in hard drugs. 

That’s right – you’re a cheese addict.

The Yale Food Addiction Scale basically summed it up for us all – there’s a chemical in cheese called casein, which apparently, is the same chemical found in hard drugs. According to The Independent, it’s the same chemical that “triggers brain’s opioid receptors that are linked to addiction.”

The authors of the study also reported that the foods in which people are “obsessed” with in the study contain cheese and that they are more associated with “addictive behavior.”

So, the next time you think about eating cheese – remind yourself, you’re an addict!