If You Want To Out-Meme Your Friends IRL, This Game Is Perfect For You

Meme lovers unite!

Memes have been around for about a decade now and it has changed the social media game a lot. They have helped us get through our slow days in the office and they have made us relate to hilarious situations in our lives. They have built digital friendships and maybe have helped us with a few pointers with our crushes, so we can all agree that memes are a life changer – and now you can finally play with memes in real life and it’s called What do you meme?

I think the company made that pun for Justin Beiber? Well, it’s genius either way. The game is a replica of Cards Against Humanity, except there are memes involved. If you don’t know how to play, it’s very simple. A person picks out a card out of the deck and places it in front of the rest of the players. Each player has a certain amount of cards with captions on them & the one who has the funniest caption that relates to the picture wins.

There are thousands of possible card combinations that contain pictures like Donald Trump, the guy who calls everyone, the white guy who’s in shock, or captions like:

“When you randomly remember how small your penis is.”

” When you see your side chick talking to your main chick.”

The game is only for adults (clearly) and you can order it on Amazon for $29.99, so the price is not too shabby and it’s perfect for the holiday season or just a fun night in with friends.

Click here to check out the game & start off your holidays right!